Legacy items still require bullets but its not mentioned

i cannot use my legacy items that require ammo without ammo but you can no longer get ammo. could this be changed? or if not could you at least select witch items you would like to get rid of not all of them.

Don’t use legacy items. End of this topic


but that is still a majority of my items. i am trying but i don’t have enough gold to upgrade a lot or buy boxes. im almost out of space again to.

who uses legacy items in 2018?

me i came back in December.

Legacy items are older items in the game.
If you still have them you do need Ammo kits for items that need them.
However, if you don’t have any you can’t get them anymore.
Newer items do not need kits.
I suggest using your Legacy converter to convert the items into power kits.
If there are legacy items you want to keep, make sure they are equipped to your mech before converting them.
Good luck!

Who marked that a solution !!? Lol legacy converter is the worst thing you can do in this game! Don’t use it, I am still regretting my decision :frowning:

Me too. Regretting that the most important legacy items were converted away.