Legacy items issue and power theft


After spending about 17,350 tokens on this update (tokens from the beta) I have progressed rather well, however this legacy item classification thing needs to go. I knew from the beta that old items would have a indicator of some sort, however not being able to use them in transformations was never brought up. I have a pair of max legs for example right now that are ready to go myth, i have plenty of legendaries to use… but their legacy so im stuck. this is an unnecessarily infuriating situation to put players in. I dont see the harm in just letting us use the items we actually worked hard to get for something besides fusion that wastes the items power to begin with (my max fused diamond shell for example had about 550,000 power, I spent money for that power, fused away for about 10k power, I have been stolen from, we should get power kits as a refund)


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It looks like a legit possiblity to make hear your voice…