Legacy Items cannot be Bosted


I don’t know if this goes here. But I can’t upgrade any of my Mechs items.
I can’t upgrade any torrso, top weapon, side weapon, legs…
¿How am I supposed to make my Mechs stronger If I can’t upgrade anything?

Please good answers, if you’re not sure this topic may help you too or you can say what you know.



As you have mentioned in your title, you are attempting to upgrade Legacy items? These are the “old” items we had prior to the SM Reloaded?

Yeah, these cannot be upgraded/boosted. They can only be used as fusion fuel and nothing more.

To get stronger in the game, you need to build a new mech. Most of the new parts have “upgrade potential” as indicated by the colored dots when you view their information. So, a common weapon may be upgraded up to mythical if it is available. Most leg parts can be upgraded from rare to mythical.

So, what now?

Legacy items - even maxed ones are no match against the current weapons…

Your best bet it is use whatever “good stuff” you have from your old inventory and mix it up with whatever new stuff you get and build up from there.

Most modules, shields, push weapons are still useful, so keep them.

And whatever you do… STAY AWAY FROM THE LEGACY CONVERTER without going over your inventory and equipping any usuable item you got.


Bully side item (push back )
Blowback side item (push back)
Teleport 1kg 7kg
Energy Shield 10% & 15%


Keep dual use charges, teleports and grappling hooks too.


My younger brother intentionally deactivated my old account, i had 6 1kg teleport, 6 energy 10% 15% each, 3 bully, 2 backblow, 3 legendary teleport 12 kg. 1 newbie torso, +25k tokens, I made 6 myth after economy update but all lost.
Lesson :- Keep your enemy brother away from your gadget. @Fluxeon


Thank you for the help! I’ll make a New mech.

About Legacy Converter… Sadly too late, thought it would help me to convert items to legendary rip.
And I need to clean out some items by the ‘‘item reset’’ or something. (700 or 600/100 items)


It’s time to kick the Shit out of him for being a jackass.


25 000 Tokens?’

If you got them by legal form, then, you should contact admins.


I used all token n made maxed 6 item. In my prior deactivated account. That battle over already nothing can be done. Now i always keep password on my cell phone, and there is no way to stop supermechs app auto login.