Legacy Items are still in game but useless

I have noticed that there are still traces of legacy in the game. For example , I saw many people move at least 4 or 5 steps with legacy legs, and have absurd resistance like -24 or -28. It becomes kind of annoying; my sector eye is functional, but only with a rocket kit, etc, etc. I wish that the items would just function like they are supposed to. They shouldn’t be converted into power kits and fill up inventory space.

Save 1kg teleports. Save and myth hooks charges or teleports. Shields as well. 10-15-20 percent shields. Almost everything else is useless. I saved a blow back . It is on my main build. I saved a few other things but cant seem to find a use for them. Legacies were destroyed to make it useless to not convert all to reloaded weapons or just quit. There are very few useful ones left.


Yup, its just the multiple push weapons and modules that are good… everything else is more or less worthless. Wish they’d just make up their minds to give them to everybody or remove them completely, honestly - the way it is now is kind of an unfair advantage.

But once in a while… I run into a 100% legacy mech… and I must say I do enjoy stomping their faces in :smiling_imp:


Im annoyed. I had a crap charge module and used it to upgrade (since I didn’t have the slot in reloaded). Now it’s impossible to find one. The useful legacies are gone, the ones that actually have power in the new update.

There has always been a charge slot. I saved no shields. Wish I had. Oh well .

I still have a shield , so sad though cant use it.

mech is at 999kg

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I know that there was always a charge slot. At the level that I was at, I didn’t have it yet. Now it is useless.

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Sorry for the r my misunderstanding. Legacies have a small place in today’s game. They also serve as a harsh reminder of the theft of our hard work .

i agree, they basically stole from everyone. and they somehow they made it unfair for both sides.
most legacy stuff is shpit, unfair to old players.
the legacy teleporter with 2 uses is better than whats currently avalible, and shields arent available anymore, unfair to new players.

I saved a firewall . I can’t even fit it on a build now . I cry a lot about that. Yeah sucks to be us .

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you know, Zark almost seems like it has a firewall implanted in it…

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