Legacy item as free anniversary gift


there are sometimes legacy items mentioned here and there in the forum and players mentioning their uses or uselessness in special situations.

As there is no way to obtain those items anymore in a normal way and so newer players cannot determine the actual use or uselessness of these items themselves I thought that being able to receive 1 legacy item as free anniversary gift might be possible.

The legacy items that might still have uses are basically only a few:

  • hooks that can be used twice in a battle (as far as I know only some legacy hooks can do that; quite useful for close ranged mechs in PvP)
  • shields with 30-40% or so damage absorption turning it into 3 times the amount of energy damage (probably useful in campaign)
  • repair drone (maybe useful in raid tier 6)
  • (not sure if there is one but if there is) a teleporter that could be used twice in battle (would certainly be useful for ranged mechs in PvP)

So here is the idea:
During anniversary these 3-4 items or 50 tokens would be electable as anniversary gift and players could choose 1 of those items or 50 tokens as their gift.

So do you think this would be a good or a bad idea?

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Big no from me. Just disable legacy items and we are done :+1:


Especially for repair drone. NO NEED OF THIS ITEM


Its actually so annoying to face such players, as for example look at this build

In case you didn’t get what i say, this guy has 2 legacy pushers with range 1-4(?) And 3-5 push(dont know exact numbers).

It’s clever but not fair.

Back to the post, NO we don’t need that, story will cycle again but with future players who missed that opportunity.

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Could you tell me what legacy item he used?
I can’t see it on the screenshot.

Edit: Thanks for the additional text below the screenshot.

It would only be good if they would bring back shields (I guess so :confused:).

Shields need to be removed the dev’s obviously don’t want them anymore and they kind of give leegacy players an advantage

Well, it would be an anniversary event, so it would repeat itself every year.
Hence every player would get the chance to get the items.
And players who don’t want or need them anymore could choose to get the 50 tokens.
That was the idea behind those 50 tokens in the choice.

Ah well, seems so… but if they would be obtainable again, it woudn’t be so bad and everyone will have it. If they would have a good drop rate.

I used to have a old legacy account that has about 15 myths and i haven’t logged in on it since i abandoned it and don’t plan on keeping it
plz don’t hate meh

There are 2 options i can see:

First - remove all legacy items from the game
Second - make utility items obtainable

I like the first one tho


Well, there is a third option:

  • Introduce new versions of those items that have the same abilities (new shields, hooks with 2 uses, push weapons with push 3 from range 1, etc.)

…well, except repair drone, that one should be restricted to being useable only in campaign mode = only where no competition between players is involved.
= repair drone not allowed in PvP or raids as there is competition between players there.

Uuuuhhhhhhh… we already got remakes of many items, why making even more remakes?

Because such utility items are not about dealing damage but mostly about changing the distance between yourself and your opponent.
As such a utility item with 2 uses and no or only low damage is more useful than the remade version with medium damage but only 1 use.
That would be the case for hooks and teleporters.

As for shields - you change some hp damage into energy damage.
HP damage cannot be restored except for by luck with random boosts during campaign.
But energy recovers during battle and restores fully after battle.
So those shields could make campaign and raids easier and PvP battles harder.

Push weapons from range 1 with a push of 3 spaces would allow ranged mechs a better chance when starting from range 1.

So all these legacy items still find uses and advantages that the current items do not have because the “new versions” right now miss the important features of the legacy items.

Edit: That is also why it is annoying for some players to fight those legacy utility users.
E.g. you plan fighting as ranged mech against a close-quarter combat mech.
You make him use teleport, charge and hook and believe to have won.
But then the opponent uses the hook again.
That is because the hook’s important point is number of uses + changing range and not dealing damage.

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This is a good alternative to disabling legacies or just letting the people who have legacies keep them.

I can’t bear to part with my 1 Kg teleport :frowning:


Hey! I saw that guy recently!

He got rekt though :smile:

All right, back on topic now.