Legacy counterpart of new items


I list here the (few) legacy items w/c has “counterpart” in the new update:

Boiling Scope mk. 1 - Murmur
Shocking Scope mk. 1 - Anguish
Top Machine Gun - Rapid Destruction
XR12 & XR14 - Red Wrath
XR18 - Delerium & Iron Frenzy
Galaxus Model C - Naga
Mayhem Battery mks. 1-3 - Supreme Cannon
USA Mark 1 - Windigo
God Mode - Brutality

Can someone add the legacy items you know w/ its counterpart?


Needle - Annihilation

Twin Terminator B - Malice Beam (myth)
It’s kind of a stretch, but meh :rolling_eyes:


Mini Chaingun - Annihilation (epic base)
Red Rein, Termination Heat, Twin Termination R - Corrupt Light

they made the “useless” useful :sweat_smile:


Some of the epic grenade launchers and orb cannons too


what’s the physical item similar to fixed point cannon?


YoshimoX - Archimonde


Heat orb cannon - desert snake


GRB 8A??? - nightfall
electro piercing shotgun - bulldog
heat piercing shotgun??? - reckoning
physical shotgun - mercy
hellfire armor - Grim reaper
magma barrier ( the red godmode leg ) - Devouring paws
cannon feet ( likely ) - lightning supporters


And three colour orb cannons - spine fall ( blue ), desert snake ( red ), mighty cannon ( yellow ).


GAU-8A I think
I also add this for Nightfall, Ultimate Gun.


more items in old and new supermechs?


what is the old supermechs level 30 leg’s name, it’s almost same to this myth leg, I forget it’s name, can someone tell me?


I think that’s Mammoth Paws


yes, and supernova to ,??? informal nova to savagery, ulualnova to reckless beam,sorry I forget, long time for old supermechs.


I think better to change weapons name to the same
language when changed.


What’s this BTW, a top weapon? (w/ a circle)

*don’t look at Sweetie, I think that’s Umpfifier?


Newbie > anubis (rare lvl)


Apollo - Sith, Nightmare & Interceptor (epic lvl)


HellFire armor - Grim reaper


Also metrolens is gream reaper too