Legacy Converter - must I lose my unique items?

No way am I going to trash all my myths and so lose items like the double use specials, or trash my commons and lose my 1kg teleport.

So the legacy converter is no use.

Anyone got a workaround?

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I used it out of curiosity and lost the 6 HP mythical modules I had saved.

Now I have 27 kg. of weight in my mech and I have nothing to place there, since this to make all HP modules have the same weight, is really a mistake.

Tip: don´t use. It´s preferable that he can not acquire more boxes to lose all your myths.

it is a trap… a nice big fat trap.
Instead of choosing what you keep and what not to, like a good nice option would have been… you are face with either all or not…no selection wahtsoever.
This is way out of the initial pitch that TS gave us… just another trap.


Equip all things you don’t want to lose to your mechs and then convert. Use all 6 mechs if needed.


I used my 3 empty mech slots as storage

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they still count towards the inv limit tho…

Yes they do but at least you can use the legacy converter and not lose stuff you want to keep. Or accidentally fuse something.
In my opinion equipped stuff should take no inventory though, but that is being discussed in different threads and is not really the topic of this one.

Did you see this thread I made @El_Metre? :cat2:

Absolut correct and best solution !

I did it this way and could safe ALL important “old” items !