Legacy arena idea


okay so i got an idea that people who have legacy mechs would have the abillity to play in an arena were there only was other players with legacy mechs until they feel that they are ready for the arena with other people.
this means that we woud need a defenition on what a legacy mech is

  • a legacy mech is Torso, leg and atleast 1 weapon
  • a legacy mech is Torso, leg and atleast 2 weapons
  • other ideas on what a legacy mech i defined as
  • this is a stupid topic

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Umm, I don’t think anyone would even have the parts to create a Legacy Mech, excluding the Top Players.


i have seen (in my ranks) multiple people who have full legacy mechs so i can confirm that they exist
and there are some out there


Because they just joined the game after been out for so long.


i think that my idea is primarily targeted at the people who comes back to the game and have a struggle in finding a fair matchup


i just think goat mechs arena is more better than legacy arena idea!




i guess you are right but that is not the topic


Why are you just thinking about it now? :+1::joy::ok_hand:

But anyways, even if they come back, there’s like 0-2 people everyday coming back to SM after 2 years or so.


No need for any different arenas of any other kind.




it was only an idea

20 bucks


please put a GOAT arena in another topic


Yeah, I was also talking to @TheBlackMan


20 v.zmdx znc vkfd


If you think this idea,can you tell us what is the reward for win and lose please!


i have not thought of that since i got this idea 25 minutes ago


The wait times in regular arena are long enough, think how hard it will be to find someone else searching for battles using a legacy mech.

Also if for some bizarre reason this was to go ahead the definitions of a legacy mech used in the poll are strange. It would have to be defined as any mech using legacy items and only legacy items or else you’ll get “smurfs” (still don’t understand what that term was supposed to mean but whatever it caught on for some strange reason) who attach the bare minimum amount of legacy items to qualify then throw on a bunch of bunkers or Spartans. Then the legacy mech users will be just as bad off as they were in regular arena.

In any case giving incentives for people to keep their legacy mechs serves no purpose. We’re in reloaded now and anyone who has not yet moved on shouldn’t get special treatment and waste dev time that could be spent getting this ducking lightning scope portal ready at last.


probably he meant pure nostalgia…for retro fun…

if i would have kept my legacy mechs i would play it for a separate arena just for them for fun and also comparsion to the new…

@Misfit your outlook altough utterly realistic but devoid of any trace of optimism…
don’t you have faith in the decency of humankind?..


Typho suggested in earlier posts it was intended for old players who are just coming back having missed the reloaded update to have another arena where they can play until their ready. Anyone who has been here has no doubt fused away all their old myths bar a few double use utilities or shields here and there nobody who would have nostalgia playing a legacy mech has their legacy items anymore. It won’t fit that purpose at all.

Don’t be so dramatic. We already have players who could advance to skull ranks but choose to stay low to avoid meaningful competition and play around with weaker mechs like a cat toying with a mouse. You don’t think those amoung them with legacies wouldn’t jump to this opportunity? In any case that point was more an argument against his definition of a legacy. I was pointing out that the only definition could be legacy and only legacy items on the mech or it would be open to abuse by “smurfs” as everyone so often likes to gripe over. That leaves the eligible population for the arena so small it wouldn’t be worth the devs’ time. And no one would ever be able to find battles there.