Leg glitch (coloration is off)




It’s probably a glitch


It is surely a glitch


weird visual glitch…


A glitch, it happened to others. (don’t make a YouTube channel)


Happened to my friend’s account too. Only seems to happen in the workshop and if you have colored your legs.


happened to me too… only in workshop, no worry


First of all, its a visual glitch - changing between mechs fixes it, its no big deal.

As for your mech, its a good start. My personal recommendation would be to drop a corrupt light for a 2-4 range knockback weapon (if you have one that goes to mythic), and drop the iron frenzy so you can get your module situation sorted. I can’t see them but from your stats its clear they need help :slightly_smiling_face: Definitely a good start, though!

As far as YT (or streaming or anything like that) - if you want to do it, go right ahead. Nobody’s gonna stop you :grin:



What is your module set up if you don’t mind me asking?


I can guess its two heat engines and 3(?) Plates


hmm…okay but is that any reason why i cant make a utube channel ? :slight_smile:


Well… If you will, don’t expect many views immediately. It won’t be easy in the start. I’m tellin’ ya, I’m also a youtuber, and it wasn’t easy.


ok thx for the opinion :slight_smile: btw whats ur channel i want to watch it


XD lol black and white


thx for the opinion :slight_smile: whats ur channel name btw?


There you go.


What Soylent said. 2 myth engines and 3 IRON plates