Leaving SM (wow,i thought id never come to this!)

another soul freed from the ever lasting cycle of grinding , may your spirit find peace


As positive as that is, i feel like its negative XD

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Can’t you write a ticket to Kong to recover your account?

But they couldn’t have deleted your SM acc,just your Kong.Your SM must still be out there;maybe talk to Sarah providing her your user ID?


You give them money and they ban you lol. Or you tried to purchase something with Credits/Tokens?


real money lol
they just stuffed around xD

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What do you mean by stuffed around?

I mean, i know stuff about timezones but they took sooo long, too long, to reply to questions
And, they kept giving me emails to contact?

Good for you, you get kicked out of the trap.

You should enjoy your freedom. There are lots of other games to play, or things to do.


Take me with you… I want to corrupt the mortal realm…:cry:

feel free to come along

Supermechs is dieing day by day we will all join you soon
The developer have ruined the game into a money grab they know the games gonna die soon and they want are wallets to go with it


if you know the game is dying then why wait?

No point in wasting more time on a Game that’s dying, right?

true true lol
No use XXDD

makes sense though XD


Y’all are just poor souls who can’t keep up. Jejejeje

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my poor soul is demented by terror and harm
Thanks Satan.