Leaving SM (wow,i thought id never come to this!)

Well, it has finally come down to this.
Just wanted to say thank you all for being a generally pretty good community.
Leaving SM is gonna be a little hard for me but still
Not much point when your main accounts gone

■■■■ you kongregate (sorry)

Anyways it was nice knowing you all.
Seeyou all someday soon!


What happened to you? You got banned?

Indeed i did lol
for purchasing reasons.
(Not my fault, Kongregate stuffed around too much)

And banned forever or you can be back some time later?

the accounts gone for good

Sad :frowning: :frowning: if you wana be back,i have a weaker r12-9 acc that you can have

You will be buried with vodka and the magma recoiler burniken never got.
Also I probably finished all the vodka so the bottles will be empty.
(the recoiler is also broken)

i was a rank4.
triple ene user, though i had some heat and phys items

its a little outdated
but these were the final imgs i took of them
also, its ok Cyber

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it isnt a bad account, but imight not coe back.
if i did,its not gonna be for a long time.

Okay. Your choice. Then see you later :slight_smile:

■■■■ kong indeed!
Some form of compensation must have been provided. Oh well, see ya!

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Seeyou to both. It was nice meeting/knowing you.
(oh and btw, no compensation was brought up.Just a ban)


Wait. So the money you spent was not even given back?

nope, it wasnt.

jeez kong is gay…


No kidding…well,whats done is done
the damage is done and over
theres nothing we can do about it.

We can burn down a post office

Imean, USA is up to that already.