Least used mythical for each category


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only player who uses the Metrolens torso (mainly because I don’t think I have a better physical torso), but what about the other mythical tabs? Wanna know your opinion.


For me, I miss using Galaxus Model A, B, and C. Those were the best, before all the mythical torsos came to be. Model A is my all time favorite. It took me forever to receive it. Then when I got it, the first mythical torso appeared a month later. That was Ultraspade. I see less of that one. Now you have to use Mythical’s to survive in rank 1.

My favorite physical side weapon, still, is Demolisher Mark III. I used two of those. Those kept me in rank 1 for the longest time. Then came Needle Blaster mark I and II. Those were the best for a while. Now I see less of those Needle Blasters. They got replace by Metal Shredder Mark I and II, Devastation Swarm Mark I and II, and Electric Storm Mark I and II.

Hy favorite heat weapon was Inferno Mark II. That was the best heat weapon to have, yet that got replaced by Lava Spray Mark I and II. Still see Lava Spray. Lava will be the best heat weapon until another replace it. I doubt that to be though.

My favorite sword, that I stiil like, is Hell Force. I used that one building my first mech, which was a heat. That heat mech got me to rank 1. Here is what it look like. That sword got replace by Infernal AXE. Then Meltdown hammer came, yet didn’t get that much fame. Don’t see much Meltdown.

My favorite Drone was Antares, maybe still is. It did a great part for me. Then got replaced by Bullet Shark, and then Evil Rock. I see less of Bullet Shark, though. Evil Rock is used the most as physical used.

My favorite legs, and still is, is Cannon Feet. They are the best in Hit-points. They are great for physical use, They got replaced by Rhino Boots, then came Steel Tractors, after that Steel Barricade. I see less of Rhine boots, and Steel Tractors. I don’t think I ever seen Steel Tractors in battle since they were release.


Cannon Feet can still catch up on the other legs because of its +hp. Steel Tractors isn’t that good anyways and its used in last reserve.Rhino Boots is for damage and only used when you need damage over hp but then, there’s Steel Stampede for the damage+knockback and Quake feet which is just a little bit heavier. Steel Barricade is the one that crushes every physical legs. It’s like Rhino Boots,Steel Tractors, And Cannon feet (had a three some) combined together and here we have, Steel Barricade.The range it adapted from his mother Steel Tractors, the damage it acquired from its cousins Rhino Boots and Quake feet, and the hp from its father Cannon Feet :confused:


I actually use the Ultra Stompers and they’re performing well thus far.