Learning english topic :v



Not correct but not wrong too, I think :b


what is counter?
It is count+er
is who count money or something…?


A counter is a big table seen in Banks, Hotels, and other places.

Don’t think it means as a person.


Ok if it’s right
it make me even more confused


If you mean as a person, I think you mean a Referee (controls matches and counts scores) or a Scorer (counts scores)


Long time haven’t came here
Btw I need form:
Of neither and either for 100% understand


Either is used to differentiating 2 different things / referring a subject to 2 or more subjects, or in disagreement of something with an another subject.

Examples :

“You are either stupid or dumb.”

“If one of them escapes prison, they will either be arrested and sentenced to life, or be brought in the electric chair.”

“I haven’t eaten yet, but you didn’t either right?”

Neither is literally just a shortened “Not Either”, but because it’s not grammatically correct, they created this, which is NOT comparing two or more subjects with an another subject.

Examples :

“You did neither of those!”

“Neither of us have exposed that guy!”

“I haven’t eaten yet, but neither did you right?”

“Yeah, neither did him.” -follow up to the sentence above-


N= noun, v= verb, a= adjective just use it for fast
btw still don’t find the different between too and either!!
So do/does/did… go with neither because it have n(not) already
And don’t doesn’t/didn’t… go with either because it’s “either”?
Either and neither both mean about some thing “not”.
either use in end of sentences and neither often use after “and”
Did I get it?
Teacher @cyanine king of babysister and girly toys??


Cyanine don’t like loli, and neither do me
Cyanine don’t like BB, and I don’t either
@cyanine master?


I am the Lolicon King, I don’t need to listen what you say.


Just check grammar!!!


The sentence you use on the grammar test is forbidden.

Seriously though, the first sentence is kinda a broken sentence because “Neither do me” doesn’t sound that good to the ears. 2nd sentence is good though. +1


Neither do I???



There you go. :slight_smile:


The grammar test isn’t forbidden, but the sentence is.

Learn dammit.


Uh do you talking about that very no mean totally do not mean to anyone example?




You only need to care about this parts :b


It doesn’t make sense, not one part of it.

Anyone speaks broken?


I mean you mean we mean
101% not broken