Learning english topic :v


I wonder can we have a thread in off topic to helping people doing homework?
We can help other doing homework :))


i dont think that wouuld be a good i dea
but then it might


thats not correct its this:
we can help others doing homework or we can help other people doing homework


:wink: :ok_hand:


my horse loved riding my father


Are u sure???


I can confirm the above sentence is true


Umm ok :)))
Are u 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% sure?


I’m very sure.
I witnessed it.

Why am I doing this?


Umm… I think the mean is a little bit wrong :v


To contribute, I’m gonna fix this sentence:

It’s actually ‘I think the meaning is incorrect’.
I hope this doesn’t consider as spam now lol.


OK :ok_hand:
I think if say “the mean is a little bit wrong” the sentence will hear more natural.


Um need help again :v
What sentence is right :v
1.That ant is so big
2.That ant so big
I think 1 is right sentence but I’m not sure :v


sentence 1 is right but you can say that ant is really big


Thx :3


Do we have past of “mean” word?




THx :wink:


Most hate or most hated or hatest?


That’s the correct usage.