Learning english topic :v


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Omg I’m getting crazy with these things…

Que bueno porque no se hablar inglés :x

An usual
A usual ?

a usual :wink: :wink:

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Can someone check this sentence?
“This time I read all. I feel so proud
Btw no I don’t think so… there only 2 types of top player.
p2w and f2p rank 2 and rank 1(tell that I wrong,lol)”
Should i add “are”?

You read what?

What makes you feel So proud?

Why no?
I don’t understand much

Add “are” on the middle

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The first sentence is kinda correct, but it needs a comma and a subject/more words to help clarify it. For example:

This time, I read all the books (past tense)
This time, I’m reading all the books (present tense)
This time, I’m going to read all the books (future tense)

The verb “feel” can be adjusted accordingly to which tense you’re using to either felt (past), feel (present), or going to feel (future).

For the other sentence, you should add “are” where rianma said.

Don’t worry about your language skills. A good portion of Americans aren’t even grammatically correct half of the time.


Winz topic

Read all the long topic

Because yesn’t

Me either.

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long time haven’t been here.
btw I forgot form of passive voice. ;.;

btw after 1 year what do you think about my english now : )

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Hmm, I think, a little bit better. Practice making complete sentences if you’re committed in improving your English grammar. It’s what I do to get better.

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why average is so low? ;v
Even lower than before? :v



This topic was created before I joined. And it’s still alive.

I am having problem with this… weird thing… help me pls :3
so what do you use?
computer was used 10 years ago by us
computer was used by s 10 years ago

First, you need an article. “The” or “That” will probably do.

Both sentences can work, but the 2nd has better wording. If you want to make it sound more natural/casual, you could also say “We used that computer 10 years ago” instead.


nah I need it for a test.
actually I already did so check thew answer I think…
but thx a lot :3