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NAh so grammar is ok but the mean is not ok?




Nah I like nah more than bah




"Too” means “in addition”, and either basically means a choice, “either 1 or 2”.

You can use any of those words with either.

  • We don’t like homework either.

  • He doesn’t like homework either.

  • He didn’t do his homework either.

Yes, I used either in the same context as too because of the words you mentioned (don’t, doesn’t, didn’t).

Either basically means a choice between something, and neither means “not either”.

It doesn’t matter where you put those words.

  • Take either.

  • Either will do.

  • Neither the cat nor the kitten is hungry.

  • The cat doesn’t want to play neither does the kitten.


Are wishes and want have same mean?


“Wish” and “want” mean the same thing.


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Wish definition:

“feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.”

Want definition:
have a desire to possess or do

a lack or deficiency of something in certain cases


Alright, those words “basically” mean the same thing. Sigh, I should have said "basically" in the beginning. Anyway, you could use them interchangeably. Hence, they’re listed as synonyms in relation to each other.

2ab, I gave you a simplified answer. They both mean a desire for something. However, as mentioned by dankmementos, there’s a distinct difference between both words.


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