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NAh so grammar is ok but the mean is not ok?




Nah I like nah more than bah




"Too” means “in addition”, and either basically means a choice, “either 1 or 2”.

You can use any of those words with either.

  • We don’t like homework either.

  • He doesn’t like homework either.

  • He didn’t do his homework either.

Yes, I used either in the same context as too because of the words you mentioned (don’t, doesn’t, didn’t).

Either basically means a choice between something, and neither means “not either”.

It doesn’t matter where you put those words.

  • Take either.

  • Either will do.

  • Neither the cat nor the kitten is hungry.

  • The cat doesn’t want to play neither does the kitten.


Are wishes and want have same mean?


“Wish” and “want” mean the same thing.


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Wish definition:

“feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.”

Want definition:
have a desire to possess or do

a lack or deficiency of something in certain cases


Alright, those words “basically” mean the same thing. Sigh, I should have said "basically" in the beginning. Anyway, you could use them interchangeably. Hence, they’re listed as synonyms in relation to each other.

2ab, I gave you a simplified answer. They both mean a desire for something. However, as mentioned by dankmementos, there’s a distinct difference between both words.


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Umm… so what difference between in spite of and despite
See no difference…


Can anyone check this sentence for me, pls?
“Although we have planned to walk round the lake, the heavy rain make it impossible”





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“Although we had planned to walk around the lake, the heavy rain made it impossible”