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Me first, I am wondering what right sentences…
My father loved… horse-riding when he was young.
Im very confused pls help me 0_0
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It’s just “My father loved Horse-Riding when he was young”


“My father loved going Horse-Riding when he was young”


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enjoyed and horse riding are themselves verbs one in past and one in present tense and therefore horse riding does not require the verb to be as a preposition and the verb to love already serves this function. you simply say “my father loved horse riding”.

hoever if you removed the action of loving and simply want to discuss the past action you would need to use the to go verb and that would be conjugated thusly:

My father used to go horse riding.

for if the event was long in the past such as in his childhood or many years ago. if it was more recent, which is where the language gets somewhat subjective, you would conjugate the verb to go in the simple past tense as shown:

my father went horse riding.

hope this helps.


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