Leagues of mechs


my idea:
Mechs would compete in the weekly ranking based on their league
The alloys would be based on weight
league 1: 1 - 200
league 2: 201-400
league 3: 401- 500
league 4: 601-800
league 5: 801-1000
So the ranking would become more just


Sure, but take out that silly 1000-1500 thing.

Maybe have 701-800, 801-900, and 901-1000… etc.

Raising weight capacity above 1000 kg = Bad idea. No exceptions.


Agree with flushy, we would end up with just more wepons on our mechs.
See Zion’s mech, it was outweighted because of it’s wepons.
Most of the shots happen at certain range.
More wepons, you just have more range in witch the shot’s are beeing traded.
Plus that would really make alot of Torsos and legs useless.


improved my idea, I further explained


thinking well and best leagues below 1000


I still think the numbers closer to 1000 should be divided by 100s, instead of 200s.

801-1000 is a pretty big gap.


Divided by 10 would have very few people in each league


Perhaps you could do something like:

League 1 : 0-750
League 2: 751-825
League 3: 826-900
League 4: 901-950
League 5: 951 - 1000
League 6: 1000+

The reason I’ve added 1000+ is that it just simply allows you to use whatever you like and only limited by what items you have.


I have a lot of op module, but I can not use it because of the weight


I remember offering an idea of “heavy/light mechs”

idea is that, mech can equip more items than 1000, however, this is called heavy mech, and heavy mech is slow - so it have less actions per turn. Like 3 actions per 2 turns if you have 100-250 more weight (needs balancing)
same with going light mech. You get 5 actions per 2 turns, but for that you have to use 100-200 less weight on items
(might also alter HP and other stats, but with keeping original idea)

either way, if you implement leagues (using such realization as Elcent offered), you could also make between-leagues fights in such fashion. For example, league 4 fighter can fight league 5 one and league 4 will get 1 extra action each 3 turns, to compensate for his lightness.