League ? what was that?

What are league and what are the reward ??

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ohooo hooo… the leaque sistem is here, nice, nice, nice.
I know this, this is similar to other mech games.
It is with advancement from league to league, and each league has its own prize and reward.
I like it.
this could be the colution to balancing match making, so that we wont have so many quiters.


Don’t know what is it, i don’t see it on my sm app.

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We don’t need an official explanation about the just released update, we will just figure it out ourselves.

I mean, have you guys ever seen a respected game development company announce what they’ve just released?

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It still amazes me how negative this community is.

This is a cool update. This is GOOD.

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How can you make such a claim when you’ve no official statement on what has been updated / changed / added?

I mean, it could be a total flop, but they’re adding features and are meant to improve the game. Generally that’s something to be happy about, rather than complain about.

My question is what about the clan rewards? Or you get one stuff for being rank 1 player and get one for being in a rank 1 clan?

I think this “league” isn’t what people asked for, this looks like just some new reward system to me.

What are the seasons rules? @romain8787

So no top clan reward anymore?

Wait…If the league system is here, will our ranks reset to 20 every season?

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Doubt it.

That would cause mayhem xD

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League/ Ladder rank is what people mistakenly call just rank, rank is your ranking on high scores. League/ Ladder rank are the stars and symbols for what league/ ladder you fight in. @Zarkares rank rewards are on the rules page

Both top 3 ranked players and top 3 ranked clans get prizes.
I was looking for a halloween costume so forgive my ads haha :blush:


I wonder what the prizes will be for leagues. I’m hoping for something useful but not holding my breath.

An epic item would be a useless prize, since it’s easy to get a few of those a day just opening boxes and doing missions.

Gold is really only useful if you have a backlog of items from before. Because the box costs scale so quickly, extra gold gold after you’ve opened 10-15 boxes doesn’t take you too far.

Boost power would be decent if it was a lot, like 30k+, but I doubt they’ll do that. If it’s like 10k, that could easily be gotten from opening 3 boxes.

A legendary would be wonderful, but highly highly unlikely.

The best thing they could do would probably be a token box. That way it wouldn’t be totally pointless like an epic, even if most of the time that’s what it would be.



I just hope the boxes don’t contain bees. I don’t like bees.

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I hope it contain some roof… its really rainy here.

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