League - weekly reset

I’m bringing this up again since it was last discussed about half a year ago.

The weekly League reset is necessary because without it the top ranks would hardly shift - or at least that’s the only explanation that I came up with. Thing is: Even with the weekly reset, they do not shift too much since strong players will stay strong players. It only takes a few days until most things are like before.

In these few days, you are faced with top players and their (mostly) full myth maxed mechs even around rank 7 (3v3). That may be fun for them, but if you get squashed in a 3v3 fight by your opponents first or second mech, it’s not too much fun for you. Even more so, if you know, that in a few days you will compete with rank 5 or 4 again without having to face too strong enemies too often.

As a way to avoid this, I suggest resetting the player ranks only to the first level of the stage, that a player competes at reset time. This way you would still need to fight your way up, but you would encounter mostly challenging but not unfair battles doing so.
This would imho make for a fairer game, especially since easy wins boost your clan bonus a lot.

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So, just to be clear. If I’m rank 5 when reset comes, I’m still rank 5 after reset? That’s what I’m getting but I think I’m confused. Could you give a specific example to help me? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


  • You are rank five with 3 stars. Reset. :arrow_right: You are rank five with zero stars.
  • You are rank seven with 5 stars. Reset. :arrow_right: You are rank 7 with zero stars.
  • and so on
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I’d like to add, that this causes me to avoid the arena in the first two or three days after a reset as much as I can, fighting only until I win my first match to get the daily bonus…

And since nobody seems to dislike this idea: @Sarah247

Nobody dislike because nobody cares.
This idea is bad, lol.

Thanks for the examples, I believe I understand now. Personally, I think that no matter what happens - whether the league down-ranking is changed or not - the real issue won’t be fixed. I’ve heard that matchmaking used to depend on how strong your mech was, not your league; I’d prefer a return to that system myself.

@magicmech20 this is how matchmaking is working right now, not sure about previous version of it.

With this matchmaking logic, my idea makes perfect sense.

Good players drop in their rank (aka ladder points) on each reset, which leads to them battling in lower ranks at the beginning of each season. Therefore, if you battle in a lower rank yourself, your chances of encountering too strong opponents are quite high at the start of every season and lower at the end of each season, when the stronger players have gathered more ladder points respectively play at a higher rank again.
This applies especially to 3v3 battles since there are fewer players who do them and among them, the proportion of stronger players is higher.

If players would only drop to the first stage of their current rank at the start of each season, strong players would stay among other strong players and therefore have a higher chance of encountering other strong players in battle - and weaker players (like myself) would have a higher chance of a fair battle, even at the start of every league.