League Nice reward!


I was rank 1 and i drop 100000 gold and 3 items with 1 legendary :slight_smile:
very good update thx tactisoft


Yes nice and good for ALL players !

BUT if you are still over the item limit, it freeze and that box is in the “unclaimed boxes” !



I got unlucky - no legendary. BUT 100,000 gold is really, really good!! This league reward is really nice!


I hope they keep it this way. Little sad I didn’t get a legendary drop now, but if this continues to be the case it’ll be nice – might have a chance at closing the gap between the paying players :slight_smile:



Anyone have an idea what’s inside this box?


@Dwightx you got the League Chest for Rank 5. It’s not gonna give as much as the Rank 1, but it will give some epics and lots of gold.


A legendary tho ?
. .
. . .


There’s a chance, it’s like a Unicorn portal box, with the chance of legendaries.


I never did get the horn :grimacing:


Well I wouldn’t call it a “Nice reward”, but better than nothing. :slight_smile:

At least now there’s a motivation for non top-clan players to play and get the highest rank they can.


I’m guessing the box that I received is filled with items,
What did you get ?


Rank 1 is 3 epics (chance of legendary) and 100k gold. Rank 5 is probably 1-2 epics and 25-50k gold.


Rank 10, got 20k gold and 3 epics, maybe only the amount of gold changes.


destroyer **** i was rank 10 and i got legendary


Lol so I guess we fight for rank 1 for 90k gold or less. Alternatively, you could get that from missions in half an hour lol.


Rank 5 is 35k gold and 3 epics lmao


@Tropi_Ropi Why do you have to be rude? I’m just saying there may or may not be legendaries in the boxes.


Sorry yesderday was a bad day


good luck, in my box only garbage


AGAIN !!! One legendary !!!

Im very lucky :slight_smile: