League box issues

i usually come back to the game just for the boxes and stuff so can anyone tell me why i have been a rank 10 for about 2 weeks now without losing my rank or getting any arena boxes?

(ohh u should have logged in at the right time: 1. piss off 2. its not my fault im not constantly on this game 24/7)

( i dont believe you well 1. u dont have to 2. what reason would i have to lie for 3. u can see when i took the screenshot and when my last post was 4. like i said a while ago “im not stupid” i wouldnt blatantly lie like that)

(stop acting like u deserve everything 1. u can piss off too 2. this is fair in my opinion since its happened for 2 FREAKING DAYS) and of course some of you will still think im lying lmao

I’m just confused

about what exactly? :confused:

in that part I got confused but the other understood

the first one u quoted is a pre-comeback for the people that like to believe that i lie (which i dont)

ah … thanks for telling me is that avia confused but without going over the topic I think they will not give you the box after 2 weeks

they probably wont but it doesnt hurt to try (yes it will)

even so it’s almost not worth the weekly bonus only epicas good I can not say if they give legendary because I’m not rank 1 only serve to improve legendary articles and would be very lucky if you give a charge

im trying to get enough epics to make my mech mythical all at the same time (then destroy the fools that have decided to cross me)

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I like with the weekly bonus to improve my weapons modules everything to mythical and then I will destroy all those who insulted me for being a rookie

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If you dont play arena you dont get a reward. Even if you log in and it says you are rank 10.

is that the reason why i lost 2 chances to get epics? and how do you know that

possibly from personal experience.

You only get the box and gold if you enter the lobby… did you enter the PvP lobby in those weeks?

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i did not (which makes me believe that i have to do at least 1 battle?)

No, I meant just entering the PvP Lobby. (You have to enter it to switch your mech line-up, chat… etc.)

Did you do that?

oh i didnt do that (did i have to?)

Yes, or else you don’t get the weekly reward. :slight_smile:

(But your rank will also never drop as a result)

You need to do atleast 10 fights to get the box lol