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Are these folks SERIOUS?
Exactly HOW MANY HP does one need to even get CLOSE to the “boss”?
I mean I enjoy a CHALLENGE as much as the next pilot, but in this case, only the “best of the best” all-myth mechs could manage to clear this at any level.
Certainly no fun to be found here…not for the average player, anyway.



you need at around 2000 hp to beat hard mode. Around 2500 hp for insane I think.


is 1.7K hp enough for normal?


I think so. If you do around 200 or 300 damage per hit almost maybe yeah.


I had around 1250 HP…still had THREE mechs (including boss) left…


That’s a pretty BIG maybe, but it might work out as long as the HP are higher than 2K (like I said a mythed-out mech could do the trick)
LOVE to see who’s good enough to take on INSANE mode on this one.
(and actually WIN)


I think if I had THAT many HP, I might have beat the NORMAL mode…lol.


I will say, I beat normal mode with 1675 hp no problem (mostly max myth, to be fair). And I beat hard with only one revive… but insane kicked my butt right off the planet.


Yeah, see, I’m just maxed out on legendary items (cost to myth anything out is unreal (for me). And I have slightly over 1200HP
1675 HP must be nice…wish I could pull that one off (maybe some day).


You think its nice. But let me tell you, 2 nightfalls can shred me in no time flat… I only have one plate.

Keep on grindin’, myths will start comin’. And that’ll help you a ton.


Thanks for taking time to chat. I do appreciate the encouraging words.
Fight well out there. :+1: