Late, but I did it

After having been in the community for 2 or 3 months, I forgot to do the introduction. </ 3
So let’s start.
I’m from Maracaibo, Venezuela. <- Strong economic crisis.
I am only 14 years old. <3
I hope to become one of the best, and compete against the greats, be known. It is a beautiful dream.
I’m going through a strong moment in my life, and that’s why my profile and others appear with Cutting. Please, this is serious and I try to overcome something that I started.

I love dubstep. <3
The song that made me love dubstep was: Excision & Datsik - Swagga

And that’s it. <3
Att- The one that knows more about Electronics and its Sub-Genres.


Nice to meet you.
Dreams are good, but dont lose touch with reality.
Will and hard work pays off no matter what you go thru.
Cool mind and a warm heart. Keep that in mind.


Hi I am Toxic. Welcome to the game.


Hey there, bud. If you wanna talk with someone about Dubstep, I’m here. It’s one of my favorite genres as well. I used to only listen to dubstep remakes of songs

Well, it was strong enough they made a game about it (Mercenaries)

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I would love to speak and comment on Dubstep with someone else.
WOW, I was impressed that someone knew about that game so old and so real. That’s very nice for someone who comes from Seattle. We appreciate your support to our country and that we will soon get out of this crisis since 99

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hola men espero que no hayas visto un chupacabras, que te quema el chozo el vato este xdxdxd

ponte a leer la biblia y adios!


¿Qué? xd Ste men cada vez más raro. xd
Soy ateo. uwu @RALFMAN

aaaaah! te mamastes!

pues chamo te cuento algo divertido?

porque santa claus también se llama papa noel?

Porque es Papa, no él!

Im a fan of UKFDubstep and Butch Clancy (not sure if thats completely dubstep tho)

And when i saw “Maracaibo, Venezuela” my first thought that came to mind was when you are at a certain point in the map, the lady says something about Lake Maracaibo. I dont remember the exact speech but her voice and kinda faint memories. Those games were awesome. Not a fan of what’s going on in your country tho. Im sorry

Eso es más viejo que el Messenger :v @RALFMAN

Te apetece que te role un momo shidori? (Jecho por mi mamaguevo!)

Dale pueh >:v (A verga quién dijo miedo? >:v)

Vale, no me grites!

(Dejame buscar el momo, lo había mandado por discord, dejame b uscarlo ahi)

Apúrate. >:v

aprovecha mientras tanto para jalarte el ganzo para estfar feliz, porque el momo es muy malo

Ste men, si me sangran los ojos te paso una de las mejores razas de perro k eksist :v xd


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si no has pillado el meme, sube un poco el volumen de tu dispositivo y ve a :slight_smile: