Last things you got from token boxes?

Just curious if I have bad luck or not (maybe it is because I only use free tokens to purchase token boxes). This is what I have recieved:

  1. Epic homage
  2. Epic burning boots
  3. Epic gumiho
  4. Epic golem
  5. Epic lightning supporters
  6. Epic redeemer

This is over the past couple of weeks. Seems to me if they wanted me to spend real money, perhaps they would throw me a bone, no? Am I the only one experiencing this?

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This is normal that u are getting mostly epics form premium boxes althrought there is a chance getting legendary

legendary energy mass booster just now from a fortune box. wew lads

editted: nvm. just read that it asks about token boxes.

I rarely purchase with the tokens now. It is very disappointing opening a premium box and watching it glow purple.

Then only one item pops up. :frowning:


everything i own is from token box

  1. crap
  2. day 21 reward box
  3. fortune box with rares
  4. crap
  5. crap
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I haven’t been able to open a box since item limit. I can’t remember last thing I got.

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Listen homeboy, you ain’t se77en!
The Se77en i know wouldn’t cry here to get freebies, toghether with others.
He would have bunkered down and grind like a monkey, to get stuff he needed.
He would have sat down and found a solution befor he would have ended in your shoes.
And sure as hell he didn’t have 10k legacy items just rotting around in his inventory.
You and Betsy here represent less then 1% of the player base in this situation.
I was 4.8k items when this version started, more then 1.5k mythicals, more then 9 fully fused mech builds, and more then 20 myth fully fused wepons, standing by in case i wanted to change the builds.
More then 4k dollars spent in this game, and i have all the recipts to prove that.
This leverage of trying to obtain something isnt fair towards the others that made the cut.
I made the cut, an alot of others made the cut, we had 2.5 months to mke the cut. I did it in 20 days, of hard grinding, of sonic, of actualy spending money 150 dollars.
There was no legacy converter, there was no other way when i did it, it took dedication and time and money.
I grinded for epics, that i would transform to legendaries, that i would make mythicals, i did that for 3 weeks, evryday.And guess what i made it, in 3 weeks.
Like Missfit told me when i complained about this…"put your azz to work, get off your high throne and grind MF grind… and you will see"
I did that, i wasted all those items cause i wanted to make it, i lost millions of millions of fussion points, all the progress was gone, new clean fresh start…and guess waht he was right, i made it.
After 3 months, people still complain about this, really?
Betsy was at less then 2k items 2 months ago, befor the first deadline finished, and guess what… no progress still…why?
Simple because it is like this, you want an advantage over others that took the fall…that ain’t fair.
You either rally people to a common cause, from wich they all benefit, even those that took the fall, and prepare yourself to make the same sacrifice that those that follow you do, or you back down and follow.
Evrybody lost things, YEAH we did, but some of us sacrificed more then you.
You want a freebie, and advantage over others? why? what makes you so special over the guys that grinded their azz off?Why cause you paid? well guess what so did they, be it with real money, or with hours of grind.
So there is a way out … but you didn’t take it.
I give you a nice sugestion, to get out of your situation… ask nicely for another 3-5 days of grace, get to work in those days, and get yourself out of the pot.
This isn’t the way a man handles things, crying and leveraging things towards his advantage, after other took the fall.
You are not Se77en, Se77en i know would take the bull by the horns.

Yeah he didnt have that 2,5 months because his acc was stolen or something so he didnt have any access to that acc for a long time. Because it took the devs more than 2 month to figure out what to do with that account. So this make his case special. He got his acc back like a week before the limit if im correct…not sure tho.

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Getting stacked again will probably end up making my 4th maxed mythical video
Relevance? You see I can’t open boxes xD

2 EPICS IN ONE Also my first nightfall ;-; might be maxing this one out