Last person to post wins the game (with prize)

Very interesting.
Especially the part where there’s another world with powerful resources.

The only thing I don’t like is the BB’s successor thing.

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Why tho?

It just seems bland to me that you came up with the idea that the boss, who is from another planet, is the succesor of the final boss in this game.
It’s like Darth Vader with his apprentice all over again.

Just my thoughts. Hope it didn;t sound so bad…

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Ok… by the way, there is another part I couldn’t add into the full version 'cause I couldn’t edit it. Wanna see it?

Of course

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Here you go: Campaign 2.0 PART 7

that’s cool
@WMist253 so what do you say?

I say let me win

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No, I’m asking you what do you think about part 7?

Calm donw lol.
I haven’t finished reading yet.

Only got to the part where the enemy AI breaks through walls and stuff.

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oki doki.

It’s pretty complicated.
Especially for the game’s current style.

But it’s not bad though. I like it.

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Thanks! Also, should I continue the series? I want you opinion :3


No. Just… no.

Yeah, continue the series.
I am very interested. I read so many books, that I literally have no idea what to read.

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