Last person to post, wins the game (with prize i hope)


me not having a prize/reward for this


Dude you can’t trade tokens that you saved up. Only ones that you buy (I’m pretty sure). Did you save them up in BD or SM? If you did in SM, they’re untradeable. If you got them from BD but they aren’t red, you can’t trade them either.


they are on my BD account already


Red or whatever color that’s not red (blue)?


yes blue



  1. Saved up tokens cannot be sent / received
  2. You may think it’s a prize but technically it isn’t because you can’t send them to the winner

Do you even play SM…if you do then you should know SM doesn’t have Blue tokens…


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You have no clue how hard I’m facepalming right now holy chicken



supermech tokens = red
battledawn tokens = blue


So the prize was for Battledawn?..maybe next time you should specify which tokens (Blue or Red)


i have 1000 sm tokens in my bd account


flame war incoming


You retarded dedrater you should do research before you claim to have a prize


And you can’t send those unless bought…


apparently thats not true


Says who?


says my bd account!!!


So you transferred your SM tokens to your BD account?


no duh dude…


Dunno if you can do that