Last person to post, wins the game (with prize i hope)


Why you posting about cancer @Kn0Tn0YT?


What about aids
(Im doing this cuz I am bored.)
(Can’t learn new things in school as of right now.)


Learn about the Astrocytoma Tumor and Seizures. You’ll get to know another thing about me. :wink:


“Searching it up”


Astrocytoma is a form of a glioma, which is are tumors formed from glial cells. It can appear from malignant cells, in a star shaped form called astrocytes.

Childhood disease.

Google Helps. Kinda.


I do hope I get tokens amirite


Lol ok then :disappointed_relieved:


This is how I see this thread…


Sorry mates round 1 is over. round 2 will begin later.