Last person to post, wins the game (with prize i hope)


Good Morning!
Have a nice day!


I’m thinking about studying abroad in america next year for a semester since I’m an idiot so we might be able to meet in person. will need to get a fake id though since dumb american drinking laws.


i never said this was going to continue yet now did i? i never finished with brenn.


I’m Fkn Dizzy right now…


I posted. (20 char limit)


Lol that still alive?


I hope so. Gimme gimme.


Nope, he sent them already.


i haven’t sent yet i’m still figuring things out.


frick. I seriously need them. I’m like 10 short of an oil boost.


do you have a BD account?


Wow, not many replies… No one like this game.


alright buzzkill knock it off


Fairy Tail.
More like Fairy No.
Anime Is Not Permitted In This Christian Server.
Go commit smash brain


keep that shit’ up you die




I’ll kill you with my torture mecccccccc


and what would that be?


4 repulsors and a backstabber


LOL how cute
4 bunker shells and a Grim cobra
and an armor dissolver is a L-M version of repulsor