Last person to post, wins the game (with prize i hope)


as title says. winner will get 1000 tokens from me, if BattleDawn will FINALLY let me.
topic will close 4 hours after last reply, if someone can set that timer that timer up for me plz that would be nice since idk how lol.


oh no, not another one


oh yes lol


Finally… Lets get this party started in here…


so what would you do with 1000 tokens?


another one of this?
im in


ooh my buddy is in, i hope you win lol. no not really but good luck anyway. what would you do with 1000 tokens?


save them for the offer of 5 premium packs for 1000 (if it apears again) or buy boxes cause i need more engines


Okay, to make sure people aren’t being lead on.

@willybobhero did you buy the tokens or saved up from the game?


saved up from the game


HAHAHAH EVERYONE this game is pointless.

You can’t send tokens you saved up. You have to have bought them to pass them down

You can go home.


btw there is no rules like on the elcent one?



yes, you transfer them to your battledawn account then send them to another account, there they can transfer it to their sm account



You can only do that with tokens you PURCHASED


It’s because you didn’t BUY them.


can not. i’ve done this before.
no not really but i wanna try


then i will put a prize
the winner can see my boobs (acctually im not gonna do that)


uhhhh, so youre a girl, and just said that?


Send me minimum amount of tokens then.

Username: WinzKay

I will send back if work