Last person to post wins the game (with a prize)


unlike the other thread, this one actually has a prize with it. i felt Yahia wasn’t compensated for all his hard work. so, i compensated. next prize is 1500 tokens. i’ll fork over the reds. good luck, all.

New Word Forum Game
Last person to post wins the game (with prize)


@Elcent @Alexander @Malicewolf can someone put a 18-hour timer on this for me? no more than 18 hours should be needed for bd players, for who activity is supposed to be key in winning.


1500 reds? Sign me up


lol Faker, join TMoK. i give more than that each time someone says “im out of reds”


Can I join pls??? Thanks


Im out of reds and only if you can lose gracefully zealot


Shut up Sammy

I’m out of reds 2 btw


i smell reds , where are the reds ? i need them


naffo is exempt from winning for trolling my threads. if he is the last one to post, whoever posted before him will win.


Please be me, i need them desperately


Shut up faker, nobody loves you


kaen saying my opinion is trolling now ?
well if you are used to troll not everyone is trolling hahahha
but i will finish last to make sure if i wont win , no one will
and i will save you reds also


ah kaen i re-read that
if u consider it trolling then be prepared to be trolled in each of your topics until i am dead XD


I know you love me zealot <3


Was that a threat, naffo? This is a bully-free forum and i am feeling violated by your threat.


you are free to take it as whatever you want


each brain function in a way so you will take it as a threat , but maybe others wont , i wont tell you what you think


Stop egging him on kaen, i need this win


as my comments dosent matter so u are winning atm hahaha
dont worry no more a threat :grin: