Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


It’s good but why is it full of hair?


uhhhh no it´s not.
if it is prove it.




i don´t see it and that not the cake i made.


Well that’s the cake that ended up on my plate.


hmmmm maybe some one else sent you one before i did this magic is a bit confusing.


What kind of cake was it?


it was strawberry one that i´m trying to make for some one.
but i needed some one to taste it.


Let me look trough my fridge.


okay if not let me crack up a new one.


Oh found it. Yup it taste good.


oh there you go.

thanks for trying it now try this other one.


Hmmm this one is good too but there’s a weird taste in it it’s like salty. What’s in this?


just some baking powder, mangos, pineapple, and some magic to get it there.


Doesn’t a cake need milk and eggs?


yes i added those.
i just didn´t say very thing.


Ahhh ok what kind of magic did you put in it?


the non dark stuff.


Last time someone said they put magic in a cake I got arrested for DUI.


oh well this stuff wont hurt you.