Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


Also it looks like I can’t get into it on my school chromebook… looks like that’s out of the picture… Anything else from BattleDawn?


Does your Chromebook have flash player?


Yep but there is the problem of them blocking practically every website there is out there on the web… I’m lucky my supermechs site hasn’t been found


Well you’re probably gonna need to remove that restriction.


Slight problem there, restrictions can’t be removed… I’ve tried practically everything under the sun (and above) to get sites unblocked but it can’t be done… At least I can’t figure it out…


try the swf sites

usually those are not blocked until they really look into it

or use a proxy


Proxy doesn’t work, and what are swf sites?


the raw file of the game itself without the web layout or anythin

some devs have their swf game files as a separate section of their site while others are a bit more hidden


aqworldscdn(dot)aq(dot)com/game/gamefiles/Loader.swf - AQW
deadmaze(dot)com/alpha - DeadMaze

two games i still kinda play


I can’t even get on the battledawn site… How’s that going to work?


What kind of games are you interested in?


Preferably MMO games, MMORPG games are fine.


try googling it and thatll be your best bet lol

also posted a few examples in the previous post


I’ve tried that many times


have you also tried the supermechs desktop download thing?

i hope that isnt blocked either


Supermechs is okay for right now, swf file sites don’t work, I tried that aqw thing, it doesn’t work on the regular site, but the deadmaze site does work without unblocking


ah they mustve patched the aqw thing :confused:

also try downloading the standalone versions (if available) of the games you play; usually those are never blocked


What kind of MMO specifically besides MMORPG?


I don’t really care, I have tried some browser based games but the only one I really like is Goodgame Empire


So do you play Deadmaze? If so, what’s your player name so I can maybe team up with you?


I don’t really know about MMO or MMORPG games. However, you could check out YouTube for top MMO games. There are good reviews to watch.