Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


thats nice


I am no Furry you mf


@trophy435 i have a question do you play video games like ones on ps4



the last playstation i owned is the ps2


thats what they all say :))


I have an Xbox 360 that I never use


You little…


xbox 360 dang thats sooooooooooooooooooo old /s




i consider any console with a number greater than 3 is new af (unless its n64 or some atari stuff)


well it’s yours if you ever want to stay over.
i have a gaming pc thats the one i usually play with.


Wow, Mine is new?..360…


way new, like in the future.


yes its brand new




oh would mine be considered new?


o ok

but the presence of anime irks me


it’s not in my gaming room damn it how many times do i have to explain it to you? :expressionless:
in my gaming room shelf you will only find my pro controller then the controller i use it for regular friend battles, my switch for on the go, my gaming mouse my amibos for shovel knight plague and specter. and that’s about it.
it’s my bed room you don’t want to be in.


Get dat Anime sh…stuff out of here


i was saying it’s contained in my room and it’s only in my room. and thats all.
you wont find it any where outside my room.
not even in my gaming room which i happen to be in right now…