Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)



rule 3.3 states that 1st place trophies cannot switch places


oh okay just wondering. :wink:


i bet i’ll be the less rusty one tho when we both age


yep and you will live longer.


hope so

stupid dents from sean l:< shortening my lifespan


oh damn it i bet if you were living from some one else you would have none.


most certainly


be right back i’m going to eat some dinner.
do trophies eat?





okay you want some?



what is it


some orange chicken and fried rice.
basically from panda


oh awesome

ill take that off your hands


okay here you go.
i had i bit to much any ways.


sweet thx


so is your stomach full now?


Good thing Sean didn’t get his hands on Hydrochloric Acid.


damn trophy would not even be here right now.


yes my stomach is full

also sean is a furry. hes gonna spill it on himself before laying his paws on me

right @SeanChoi1870 ? :wink:


I have a bunch of trophies on my shelf.

And also a Lego lighthouse behind them…