Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


i ment items you would like on the shelf i already know your dislikes.
by the way i dislike furries to.


um idk just things that dont pertain to the above mentioned


Look you can’t stay on the streets for to long you’ll get rusty.


Reviving this shit again.


yay !

20 charatctstetstsss







super yeeter is right about that @trophy435 because you eventually will get taken by something or just get focked by some element and not be here any more.


im made of stainless steel

so that is incorrect :exclamation:

also i can fend for myself


okay just making sure.


quick shoutout to my brother trobro for not being homeless / shelfless


uhhhhh hmmmm you got a bro trophy?
i never knew that.



after all, i am a second place trophy :\


what i never knew that.


well now u kno


where is the 1st place one?


livin the life in some guy’s mansion




yeah lucky chunk of metal he is

he aint even stainless steel


wow if i find do you want to swap places?