Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


proof pls :))))))))))))))))))


most of my trophies are in my virtual world but i have a couple real ones let me find them.
i don’t care much for participating in sports and physical activities.


mhrm ok


the couple real ones are from before i have start fps and video games.


does the shelf owner having trophies mean that you want the shelf owner to like to win alot?


no winning required

actually other trophies dont have to be in my presence. i just need a shelf with no furries, anime, or team10


Won’t you be lonely then?




And where is that “ever-mounting” evidence?


im not going to show u >:((


Then it’s over, you have no proof, thus I win


no me


no me


no me

20 charactsrs lol




No WE.
Communism rules.


oh okay then…
yah that’s my shelf in my game room so if you ever want to stay over/possibly live there it’s ready for you.


o ok

also no me me me


k so ummmm whats your dream shelf?


one without team10, anime, or furries