Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


damn it trophy now i want to knock you off the shelf


you dont have the authority


i would if i could



please dont hurt me sean :tired_face:


elcent delete this ples




you say dat dav


if there are no timers,then this game will never end.


yes it does and it ends with me

trophy thanos snaps


meh i was apart of the half that lived so be gone now


And?’s just a fun game, stop ruining the fun for us please…and if you don’t like this Thread, then you can mute this topic


i love this game i all most got killed but it was fun


Just a nice simple game, then comes along Little Brennan and Pow, Trophy nearly dies…what a Hazard brennan is lmao


ah hm the magic was not going to work and he would never die if he fell off a shelf then if he would die, he would not be made out of gold hence not that valuable which means you lied to me
plus sean its not like he is a glass cup


ignore the drunk dancing guy ples


hmmmm i dont see him so… i i’m going to be going now


He’s gonna fall asleep sooner or later


that time is right now so night guys
what would you think if i died because of you?


Me?..hmm…I would feel guilty…Good Night Brennan