Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


nothing me and trophy were just talking… about what winning feels like.


You disgraceful filth, be gone


sorry what did you say i could not hear you because of trophy talking


He’s not even talking


earlier he was hmmm any ways… about trophy


All you losers suck! I’m the winner!


now die you fool!!!


hasta la vista baby


seriously sean that oh come on i thought you knew a better weapon to use guns wont have an effect


No, you idiot KYS!

It’s just satire



since sean is gone and no one around.
or i might just magically knock trophy of the shelf to see what happens
knocks trophy of shelf using magic trophy hits ground


You might actually win since no one is around


yep and i knocked trophy off the wall when he was napping so i think he dead
oh shit never mind


Don’t you dare, wait…you’re not even at my house, you’re in Hawaii


yep and i used magic i obtained fighting a boss
so i think trophy on the ground now


Where do I live?


um magic dont say magic just does i just said knock trophy of the shelf an did think it did


He’s still on the shelf tho, your magic sucks


hmm i guess it never work your probly to far away damn
k i just got to so i dont really know if it works or not most of the time it does