Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


He’s not for sale


why not?


How would you like it if I kept on asking you if I could buy your lungs?


then i would take my shovel and wack you


im not going anywhere


Exactly, you don’t want to sell your lungs, I don’t want to sell Trophy


could i have a little bit.
or at least get some of the same metal


Get it yourself


i ran out and the dealer died in an attack


I don’t care, we’re not helping you


why not ?


You ask too many questions


yah i do

i feel like this is the moment were you would try shoot me
if it were a game :smile:


There are 435 other trophies out there


i already stole those ones i had no choice for the last one i want to buy it
i did not intend to steal, this one but i might have to again
and this sword is made by the previous 200




read the post above you
so now what youur choice


still no


fine then you made it for your self.
now that sean is gone your mine
if a min passes i get to take you


What did I say?