Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


Why arent you active?

Also welcome back again


well i had quit cause it was starting to get annoying and too much nerfs that needed buffing, also i had started school again and stuff but i guess i got bored and wondered what had happened while i left


1.they buffed something finaly good,check out news.
2.finish school and hang out here sometime


PFFF if i tried finishing school it’d take another 3 quarters so i think i’ll take my chances right now

oh and where in news? :eyes:


Wheres news?
Damn newspaper forgoten to give u sum news fama.


imma go search… hope the items are gud


It’s over haven t you heard I won


I did not know that…


We missed some true boyos who winned this place.


Yeah sorry . Good try everyone . But yeah I won


Are you still se77en?

Dumb question,don’t mind me.


I am who I am . Oliver MR ONETWO .


Oh my


I am also se77en . Joeyjojojunior . I am nobody really except the winner here


Then what happened to your original @Joeyjojojunior acc?



My real name is mustakrakish. Some call me troll , troll master , Loki , chupacabra. Don’t call me late for dinner that’s all.


Who? What ? You are confusing me .


@The_Yo_Yo_Man: What’s up yoyo… That was a good battle.


Yeah,it was.
I should have used my damn phys…i hate using it cause it sucked.


lol… I didn’t know it was you, until you said my name. I don’t pay attention to names that often, especially playing on my phone.