Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


ehh got tired of seeing the news so i just decided to keep playing but stop checking here
got some cool stuff too


I just noticed you were gone


yeah, that happens to me everywhere…

im invisible


Do I look tastier now


kinda looks HD
20 charac


Bcuz it is m8


i know


i am back ( i was not dead my wifi WAS dead)


who will prevail in this thread?


I do not know, this thread has been here since the beginning of time


lets do something funny ( even more funny that this tread) any suggesntions


totinos pizza rolls yes




Yes please


That chicken is still not a drink.


seems like things are going back to normal
meanwhile i was out i finally got another thing i needed for my flaming scope build (just missing the scope, i will replace it with the lighting scope meanwhile)
i got the flaming hammer!!! yay now im just missing another abomination or a reckoning and the actual flaming scope!


I’m last so eat a bag of dank memes


My spot will be taken by someone else.


Yep…your 1st place spot is taken by me


ur 2nd place spot is also taken by me