Last person to post wins the game (no timers pls)


My fart smells so good that the ladies faint from smelling it


Ur discusting.


Do not attempt to win because nothing


I am very nice kkkkkkkkkkk


that moment when u come back 1k posts later


Welcome back because we made a mess :smile:


Congrats, you thread which was one a contest to be last has turned into a shitpost thread where wierd people post spam anime pictures and say wierd shit.

I left long ago out of fear of cancer…

Also how is your camel ride around the world?


im back m8s


it stopped at yo momas place
good my post giving people cancer could not be more proud


indian accent
did you know that, lemons dont grow naturally?


they grow out of yo mama


no u :stuck_out_tongue:


Timer is set to 50 years.
Last reply to stay for 50 years wins.


guess my reply will win

joking not joking


Want some candy?

I’ll take you to a wonderland with candy castles and sparkling fairies…
Just get in van and we’ll go there…


cringe as usual

just got banned in e2 so i thought i’d stop by the forums


returning here is easily my worst decision I will make today. Anyway I am last .


there you have it folks, i am last


You discovered my real identity … Last . That’s what my friends call me . My real name is lasty Mclasterson. Last For short . Anyway glad I don’t have to hide my real identity anymore . Good investigative skills there .


no im last

get outta here