Last Campaign Box Bug

Hey pilots!
I’m lazy recently so I’ll be brief.

As you can see, a player can not get a reward.
Maybe all have this bug.
That’s all :wave:

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @Taloki

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You need to complete it in insane mode to get the box

Doesn’t work.

You won’t be able to open it even if you completed every single mission there is.

A bug. :slight_smile:

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A new bug then, I was able to get them on my other accounts , around a month back I think

Yeah, it’s quite recent. I think the bug only started 1 or 2 weeks ago.

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Bigboy is so big that he glitched the whole SM :slight_smile:

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Hey Pilots,
Thanks for reporting.
We have located the bug and the fix will be released in the next version.
We appreciate your patience!

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