Land_Of_The_Forgotten Official Recruitment Post

Land_Of_The_Forgotten, Also known as LTF Is aimed to be a clan that will Push one of the top 6 clans down to 7th, It will be built out of some of the most Skilled Players In The SM Universe,


  1. Must Be Rank 5-1
  2. At least 65 wins a week
  3. Must Fight In Clan War
  4. Collect Tickets for titan and do titan battles if possible
  5. Active, Friendly, Good Player


  1. Friendly, While we are aiming to get to the top six this does not mean any of our members should act Hostile towards another clan or its members without a reason.

  2. Have Fun, Supermechs is only a game, So just Chill and have fun getting to the top.

  3. Active To get to the top players must be active and thriving, Any players that are inactive for more then 3 days without Telling the Clan Or Clan Discord Will be kicked, This does not mean you are kicked from the Clan Discord

Feel Free to Join Our Discord Server Even If you do not wish to be a member Of LTF


Uhh can i qualify for being active, friendly, and playing for fun even though I meet none of those other reqs? (I’ve made it to rank 11 without a counter and with only one myth, that’s gotta take strategy, right?)

Good Luck with that :exclamation:

Hopefully this works for your Clan and your future plans, but please be aware that it is a tuff target to achieve, since “most Skilled Players” are already in the Top 6 clans :grey_exclamation:

But I like a lot that you set high targets, because these people who don’t set targets, will never reach them :exclamation:


So good Luck for you and your Clan - may you reach your target one day :exclamation:



Only time can tell if we will reach our end goal
As Always Thanks For Your Ongoing Support Besty,



iq lvl 4000 joke but now that I said it’s a 4000 iq joke, it’s now easy to get

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i mean

i could join, i dont make 65 wins a week but

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If you want, im still alone XD
And you are a highly respected member

I dont get the joke though…
What did i do this time

@WinzKay your joke is truly iq 4000

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Cheers my good sir

We are still in need of members, we only have 3, Me, a rank 25 friend i am helping irl and some random rank 15 (One Of the Lucky Box RNG Kind)
So, for now, restrictions are off,
If you still want a membership PM Me on discord, FOr Obvious reasons