Ladies and Gentlemen, Santa is in Town

Greetings, Pilots,
So, for all those of you, who were good and behaved well, Santa has some presents. Looks like TS reset some of the milestone achievements related to gold (about 200 k) and some tokens (150 tokens). There are 34 in total achievements. Nice gift, but we are still waiting for premium boxes!


Oh someone else has it too.
I thought the game glitched or something and I was getting rewards from achievements I already completed. :sweat_smile:
Thanks, TS. :slight_smile:

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I hope Santa falls off his sled.

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We introduced a bunch of new quests for the players. So veteran pilots who have been playing the game for a while have probably completed the requirements for most of them, so you get some easy prizes :slight_smile:


ty jhony sins sry jonny

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Thanks @jonny we appreciate it !

thanks but where are 5x premium packs for new years?

just logged in, 34 rewards to collect

TY @jonny every little bit helps