Ladies And Gentlemen , I Got It!


From a season reward , Wish me luck to get more of these legies , By Clicking the like button , and replying ( if you don’t wanna like , it’s ok :slight_smile: )


So you are happy getting Clash from a season box or getting a Legendary from season box?


getting a legy from season box , i mean why would i be happy to get a drone that i won’t use at all , Maybe


I was asking same lmao.

Okay then,at least you’re happy.


clash is useless now but still congrats on the legendary drop!


My brother once pulled out a spinefall from a season box rank15


i got legendary dynamite boots from that box but i never got a legendary from the rank 10 box…
reverse drop rates?


Maybe who knows ???


Go up the rank and you can get something like this:

Good Luck :slight_smile:


i am jellous and envious
i am confiscating that thing


Sure, i already have one, you can have this second…No wait, trade is not possible :joy:


ok ad traiding in to siuper meks
iz gud idea
shut the hell your mouth hters dis is gud for gaim
okie bai i gona leav foram new


I need Void. Btw Heat Point is much better, since one mech only lasts about 3-6 turns.


Your mechs, mine last much longer than that :joy:




No, really. A battle even with pros like you takes about 10 turns.


With me almost that, because of my resistance :joy: