Lack of competitiveness


Hello again me amigos,

I am back again with another post. I am on a roll.

So here goes.

One of my worlds is currently F3 and I have noticed one alliance is so far ahead of the others it just is not fun. Do you feel, especially in Mars and Fantasy worlds one team tends to steamroll straight away and dominate, as compared the exciting thrill of the earth worlds.

If you agree, what do you think can be done? If you disagree explain.

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PancakeRider xoxo


usually in eras like that if you want the top team to lose just gang up on them with several teams
happened numerous times even if they have a double the power of r2 for example if enough active/semi active teams join a war against them they are pretty screwed


I’ll keep that in mind :smiling_imp:


also if ur team is pretty good and active teams who are at the top tend to get lazy if the era is too easy so just build full anti them for 300-400 ticks make allies and just catch when they least expect it with agents and massive spams
of coarse it is easier said than done since u need a very active team + ur team needs to be good at war (happens a lot)
also another way is the best weopen diplomacy if your in good relations with every1 else you can organize massive attacks against the top team
Honestly unless its a team with r2 and r3 subs or with half there army r5 and every1 dead it is relatively easily to destroy the top teams if your good/commited enough


Wow, that’s the first time youssef made any sense

@PuncakeRider, you should be blessed


But it came at a dear price, RIP Youssef’s spelling :jack_o_lantern:


Youssef nailed it.

If others aren’t ganging up, start it yourself. :slight_smile:

You may lose a few, but you will earn the respect of the community as you get better at it.

Become that mastermind leader :slight_smile:


When teams win eras early it is mostly due to the top teams fighting at tick 1 to whenever it will last. The thing is now adays a team will lost a big army an give up even if they still have many more units they will still give up… then whoever the other team is will gain everything. It has more do due with old vets coming back and making these NC players think again.


It’s painful to watch you guys on F3 just dominate and no one seems to want to fight you, but rather complain about you haha…it seems like my spams are the biggest competition you’ll face for the rest of the era :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smile_cat:


Its not that people dont fight back. Its that bd is dead. Not enough people to have a couple strong alliances per world.not even enough to have one per world. Thats kinda how eMo and her team were winning like 4 worlds at the same time, being as bad as they are.