Lack of Competitive Play

I’ve played this game on and off for close to 7 years and honestly it feels busted now. I’m currently on Mars 2, ranked like 28 right. Score of 550. The top player already has a score of close to 2000+. It didnt use to be this way and I honestly think when the top 15 players are all hundreds if not thousands of points away from the players in rank 50+, there is a problem.

AI colonies :slight_smile:
Worst update to the game to date.

One team gets so far ahead cause the busted ai colos…

only boosters can kill the 9 inf or whatever is on them earlier on + free exp.


And what is the alternative? Worlds with no conquers beyond just maybe a couple hundred? Jeez, those eras are gonna be some small wars with struggles for anyone BUT BOOSTERS.

I think the AI colonies rewards active players… should space out the bursts in which they come so not so easy to farm them ( not talking about exp, just sheer numbers )

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Double post, SorryNotSorry lol, lack of competition comes from a lack of skilled players plus these big group of players who’d rather go around hugging instead of killing.

We need a good influx of players otherwise we’re stuck with the same oldies beating each other up and dwindling

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I had no idea there were AI bases. How can you tell them apart from a regular player?

If you’re active you can tell if its an AI colony because it will spawn in with rank: 0

Also checking achievements is another way to tell, but not surefire.

AI’s will have 0 achievements.

I think Ai colonies should be removed personally, but then there are the problems that NoJoe talked about, lack of resources can lead to one boosting team just winning outright.

The only way I can think of combating this would be to have the AI colonies last for only 100 ticks… Even then I don’t know if it would completely combat the domination of eras.

AI aren’t the issue, not by a long shot lol

AI don’t decrease competitiveness, but they do create a power vacuum, the rank 1 player could be trash but he had a ton of conquers so his score and income is really good

What the main problem is over the years people have left the game without a lot of people joining it. There’s a lot of reasons people leave BD, but we haven’t had a good stream of new players in or people returning until recently. I’d blame Hugging and the fact this game takes too much time. If you’re actually influenced negatively by AI you probably aren’t that active :wink:

The AI have some issues (mainly how easy they allow for xp farming). But they actually do increase competitiveness and they helped with issues regarding mines/wells. Those are actually MUCH more crippling imo. 1 team gets a majority of them and the landslide effect in resource income is usually too big for most players to turn and then we get eras with the winners decided around tick 300. AI colonies allowed for players to keep up income wise a bit (as well as promoting a bit more war as players fight over them and blame each other of sniping).

I do agree with the quicker deletion rate and reappearance (so there’s more to fight over throughout the era). BUT, with that, once a team starting getting ahead with their network, that could also mean it simply becomes that much easier as income the smaller team used to have will simply delete and then become income for the team already ahead.

A lot of the problems imo are that burnout are a huge factor. People like to play 1 serious era and then go take a break for a while (months). This means we have a constantly revolving cycle of serious players and often it becomes 1 or 2 very active teams per era (and everyone else just watching).

Me personally, I think we need to find a way to help solve burnout. I think the best way is to find ways to slow down the game in terms of battling (aka - defenses have more advantages to keep attackers at bay to slow down advances). Food maintenance used to be that slowdown factor as it required players to use TB’s to progress forward (and those took 24 ticks to make on frontline). Also required nukes to push TB’s out (usually).


remove tokens for 2nd and 3rd place and medals…


I’d keep doing what Tom is doing lately on his eras. 7k for #1 and some for the rest. That way even small alliances or new players get the tokens. And then they can keep fighting for more.

Atm Tom does like: 7k for 1st. 600 for 2nd~5th and 500 for 6th~10th and I already see ppl fighting to get at least rank 2nd~5th instead of 6th~10th (80% of those fighting were new players).

It’s something that need to be constantly on change and need to make test each era, make it dynamic, change rewards give some motivation to fight. Every era the same shit… it gets so boring. For the 1st time I’m liking Tom.

For medals, have nothing to say I always try my best to give all top 10 to my team.

About AI colonies, oh well… It’s a game, turn based game, if u play it u must be active, it ain’t no more sit, boost and build if u do that, actives players will get AI colonies and get stronger than u (in a long term, till set a good income to match Boosters).


AI colonies are the only way to keep non boosters competitive now. Activity increases it all. The best competition I have seen is on small team worlds, 6 man or under. If u want more competition do what Tom been doing with rewards and team size!

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I didn’t read all of this but I think in the smaller team eras, less Ai colonies should be placed.

They should scale with the teamsize

Tom was admin on kong worlds he knows how to increase competition in a small community :smiley:


I’ll try to help this issue. See you around.