Labor Day Discount?

There should be one, given the price of the boxes. Just saying.

If you buy 5, you spend about 30,000 (I think, I haven’t really checked). That’s about each box being 2x the original price, since it increases each time you buy.

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3,400 + 4,400 + 5,400 + 6,400 + 7,400 = 27,000

What would be cool is if on discount days they made it so the increase was only 500 gold per box.

New cost:
3,400 + 3,900 + 4,400 + 4,900 + 5,400 = 22,000


What would be better was if there were NO increase at all.


How about cutting the Premium Box down to 100 tokens especially beings it’s extremely hard to get Legendary out of them.
Raise the probability of getting Legendary out of them for the sale like they used to on the old game boxes.

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Or just give us 5 items like the old gold boxes used to.

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I guess we are shit out of luck for any Labor Day Discount :rage: